Stave 1: Harp
Stave 2: Piano
Stave 3: Double Bass
Stave 4: (Introduced later) Slap Bass

The Harp stave is removed for the last two lines and replaced by the Slap Bass. From the second repeat
of the Slap Bass, replace the Double Bass with Piano, playing the same notes but at an octave interval.

The repeat section (last two lines) is played a total of nine times. On the last playing, the Piano
stave is played an octave higher. After the repeats, the Piano stave stays at the octave higher pitch,
the Slap Bass stops, and the bass Piano is replaced by the Double Bass. A violin also plays at the end,
but it is not transcribed here.

If you want to print this transcription, I suggest that you view and print each image seperately.
There are 3 pages/images.

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Page 2
Page 3